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There's no judgment on my credit. How can I get garnished?

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Can they still garnish me, after the judgment has fallen off my credit report?

People hope that when a judgment comes off your credit report, that means there's no more judgment. Sorry, doesn't work that way.

According to credit report law, the judgment is gone after ten years. A #Virginia #judgment is gone after twenty years. BUT, they can and do extend it for another twenty years.

So when that judgment falls off your credit, that means they only have thirty MORE years to garnish you.

Years ago, maybe you got a #repossession when you were young and foolish. Now you've settled down, built a good score, and want to buy a house. BAM that's when a #garnishment comes out of no where and hits your job. Ford Credit, especially in Virginia, does that all the time.

What To Do to Prevent a Garnishment on a Repossession?

“Face it, if you have an unpaid repossession judgment, you will never be financial secure. NEVER. You've two choices. Pay the judgment or file bankruptcy.”

I see a couple people a month who get hit with a #garnishment on a judgment so old they had forgotten. Outfits who have judgments against you subscribe to your credit score. When you get your life together, that's when they pounce. The best time to file bankruptcy is when the judgment is recent and your credit is already bad. Then filing bankruptcy will improve your credit. The second best time, of course, is when they garnish: because then you know you have to.

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