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The first thing to do if you get a bank account garnishment.

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Change banks! The first thing when you get a bank account garnishment is change banks.

If you get a bank account garnishment, change banks. The garnishment will keep taking money from your account until the return date on that garnishment. So if your paycheck is going there by direct deposit, change banks. Then go to HR and change your direct deposit to the new bank.

If you get a bank account garnishment, change banks

Can I just change account numbers and keep my bank?

No. Your garnishment does NOT hit just one account number. It hits your social security number. (Actually, it hits you.) So switching to a new account at the same bank doesn't help. Get a new bank. the universe is full of banks!

What if my credit is too bad to get a new bank account?

There are two banks around here where you can usually open a bank account, even with terrible credit. TD Bank, has a lot of locations in Northern Virginia. And Woodforest Bank, which you can find in some of the biggest Walmarts.

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